Due to the large number of anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment initiatives that have been passed or proposed in states like New York and Colorado, will apply all state and federal laws (as applied to civilians) to all state and local government agencies and officers. To put it simply, we will limit all sales of firearms and magazines to only what law abiding citizens may possess in their state, county, or city.

“ believes that all citizens should have the same rights under the Second Amendment,” said Owner Harold Heard. “Unfortunately, some politicians don’t agree, and as such we will not sell firearms, magazines, or accessories to any LE agency or officer in states where those items are prohibited to law abiding citizens.” will continue to support law abiding citizens in ban states to the best of our ability, and will continue to offer fair prices on guns and gear to those citizens.

For questions, contact Harold Heard at

The Team

The process of buying a firearm comes up regularly for us. Many people are surprised that it is even possible. So we, here at KMH Arms, want to educate you on the process and clear up any confusion you may have!

First off, buying a gun online does not mean it can be sent directly to your house. It does not mean you can skip the background check or any wait period you may have in your state. Instead, the online experience offers a way to find a firearm at a price you are comfortable with. Here are some aspects of the process that need to be considered.

The process is simple and breaks down into 3 easy steps.

  • First, find and place an order for the firearm from This will require payment.  Just like all other online products, you are protected by internet commerce laws and the policies of your own credit/debit card company.  KMH Arms wants you to know that our site is 100% secure.  We do not store credit card information so our customers are protected from identity theft and card stealing.
  • Second, locate a dealer in your city and/or state who conducts firearm transfers. This is a crucial step that is required by all online and out of state firearm retailers. The firearm is required to be received by a licensed dealer in your state who carries a FFL (Federal Firearms License).  There is generally a fee for transferring the firearm from that dealer to you. Transfer and processing fees range from $10 to $50 depending on the dealer. It is best to call around to find the best price! Once you have chosen a dealer, the dealer name and contact information needs to be given to KMH Arms. We will then contact the dealer and arrange for shipment.
  • Lastly, the firearm will be shipped to the dealer you choose. Shipping information will be sent to you so that you can monitor expected delivery time and shipping location. It will be up to the dealer you selected to contact you once the firearm is received. All state/federal required paperwork, as well as the background check(s), will then be processed by your in state dealer.

Now for some policy information and rules. KMH Arms will not ship firearms outside of the United States. We do not accept returns for any reason. If your firearm is defective, you are required to contact the manufacture (this is a rule for nearly ALL dealers, not just We will not ship the firearm directly to you under any circumstances.

If you decide to purchase from KMH Arms, you can expect a phone call and email relatively quickly to discuss this process. If at any time you need more information, we encourage you to contact us. We love speaking to customers and will go out of our way to make your buying process smooth and painless.  We appreciate your business and look forward to keeping you..

Welcome to KMH ArmsTM where you will find all the best gear for the guns, hunters and shooting enthusiastic; For You and Your Family’s Protection

KMH ArmsTM was not formed from the mountain of the Gods; despite our Texas sized egos…
So where did the name ‘KMH Arms’ come from?  Well that part is the simplest to explain because we are KMH … Kevin, Mark, and Harold.

One day while shooting the breeze on the gun range, and realizing that although the internet is filled with endless vendors selling firearm parts and accessories, they all lack organization and a simple way of understanding how to navigate the firearms industry and make a purchase.  So to that end, KMH Arms was born.

KMH ArmsTM -  What is in a name?  KMH Arms is a multiple-parts vision that starts and ends with our customers!  Our first priority is our customers and providing them the best customer service we can. Next, we strive to provide the best and most diverse range of products available at a price people can afford.  We are firm beleivers in the old addage “Teach someone to fish and they will never go hungry” and in that same spirit, we also offer  professional firearms training and education, Texas Concealed Handgun License certification, as well as advanced tactical classes teaching you “how” to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones.



Fairfax, Va. – Late today, a federal district court in Illinois wrongly ruled that the Second Amendment does not protect a right to carry firearms for self-protection outside the home. The NRA funded this challenge to Illinois’ ban on citizens’ ability to carry firearms legally outside their homes and businesses for self-defense, and will also be supporting an immediate appeal to the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals—and to the Supreme Court if necessary.

The decision in the case of Shepard v. Madigan misreads the Supreme Court’s Second Amendment decisions and will continue to deprive law-abiding Illinoisans of the right to protect themselves effectively against crime on the streets.  It also conflicts with a growing body of case law elsewhere in the country, where courts have increasingly recognized that the right to bear arms for self-defense doesn’t end at Americans’ front doors.

“The NRA’s legal efforts will not end until the right to carry firearms for self-defense is fully recognized throughout our land,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

The National Rifle Association always has and always will advocate the passage and preservation of self-defense laws. The alternative leaves the innocent in danger.

The vast majority of states do not impose a “duty to retreat” and most Americans support laws that clarify that Common Law, common-sense right. It empowers lawful people to defend themselves, and deters would-be murderers, rapists and robbers.

It’s a natural right. No law “gives” it or can take it away. It’s yours. It works. And its only alternative – the idea that distant, disinterested third parties can dictate after the fact that “you must retreat” – will never be accepted by the American people.

For these reasons, the National Rifle Association will work to protect self-defense laws on the books and advocate for their passage in those states that do not fully respect this fundamental right.

Today, April 10, the state Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees will hear one pro-gun and two anti-gun bills.  These bills are of importance to California gun owners.  Anti-gun Senate Bill 1366 is scheduled to be heard by the state Senate Committee on Public Safety at 9:30 am in room 3191 of the state Capitol, while pro-gun Assembly Bill 2376 and anti-gun Assembly Bill 2333 will be heard in the state Assembly Committee on Public Safety at 9:30 am in room 126 of the state Capitol.

Senate Bill 1366, introduced by state Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-7), would require every person to report the theft or loss of a firearm he or she owns or possesses to a local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which the theft or loss occurred within 48 hours of the time he or she knew or reasonably should have known that the firearm had been stolen or lost. (OPPOSE)

Assembly Bill 2333, introduced by state Assembly Member Jose Solorio (D-69), would expand the crime of bringing a BB gun onto school grounds, to include non-metallic projectiles, and would impose an unnecessary and potentially severe criminal liability on everyday toys (not just BB guns and pellet guns) with severe penalties. Under this bill, a parent who inadvertently has a toy gun in their car when picking up their child from school can end up facing felony charges and up to a year in jail; the same is true for students who inadvertently have a toy that expels a plastic (or even a foam) projectile in their backpack or car.

AB 2333 would also create a negligent storage law for BB “devices,” a person who knows or reasonably should know that a minor is likely to gain access to that BB device without the permission of the minor’s parent or legal guardian is subject to Civil Fines starting at $250. (OPPOSE)

Assembly Bill 2376, introduced by state Assembly Member Linda Halderman (R-29), would create “good cause” for the issuance of a CCW permit, if the applicant has a report on file with a law enforcement agency evidencing that he or she is a victim of a hate crime. (SUPPORT)

Please call the respective committee members TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE SB 1366 and AB 2333 and SUPPORT AB 2376.  Contact information for both the state Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees can be found below.  Ask the Senate committee members to OPPOSE SB 1366 and the Assembly committee members to OPPOSE AB 2333 and SUPPORT AB 2376.

Don’t forget to forward this alert to your family, friends and fellow gun owners across California and urge them to also call and e-mail members of the respective committees to OPPOSE AB 2333 and AB 2376 and SUPPORT SB 2376.

State Senate Committee on Public Safety: State Assembly Committee on Public Safety:
  • Loni Hancock – Chairman (916) 651-4009
  • Joel Anderson – Vice Chairman (916) 651-4036
  • Ron Calderon (916) 651-4030
  • Tom Harman (916) 651-4035
  • Carol Liu (916) 651-4021
  • Curren Price (916) 651-4026
  • Darrell Steinberg (916) 651-4006
  • Tom Ammiano – Chairman (916) 319-2013
  • Steve Knight – Vice Chairman (916) 319-2036
  • Gilbert Cedillo (916) 319-2045
  • Curt Hagman (916) 319-2060
  • Holly J. Mitchell (916) 319-2047
  • Nancy Skinner (916) 319-2014