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Education & Training

Welcome to KMH Arms– The staff and instructors at KMH Arms believe in the honest citizen’s right to firearms. We also believe it is the duty of all honest citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones from the predatory criminals that walk the streets of our communities.

An increased number of states are allowing honest citizens to carry a weapon concealed for protection. The courses we offer are designed to prepare the responsible, adult gun owner to handle their weapons in a safe and effective manner under all circumstances. We believe that for training to be of any benefit it must be interesting, stimulating, and realistic. We believe that in times of peril and duress, you will perform the way you train.

To this end, we will tell you that we are not yet the biggest and fanciest, but offer you some of the most thorough training in firearms techniques that you will find. We do not always offer fancy steps, or unique guns and techniques (although we have them and train Law Enforcement, Security, and Personal Protection Specialists). What we offer is time-proven gun tactics, gun techniques and a training staff of the most dedicated trainers you will meet. We won't tell you that we were spec ops, law enforcement, or anything else just to impress you. We let our training impress you.

If you desire to learn how to use your firearm in a safe and efficient manner, without all the hype and macho attitude, without being made to feel insignificant because you are not some kind of warrior, try us out. We think you’ll be pleased.

Note: It is our mission to provide the highest quality and safest firearms training programs available.

Extremely Satisfied
Bushmaster XM15 ORC
Very professional & knowledgeable. Explained everything in detail & made the buying process easy. Would highly recommend this dealer to all my friends & family.
Forney, TX
Great value and transaction!
Bushmaster XM15 ORC
Great product at a great price! Transaction on site and in person went very quick and smooth! Thank you!
Forney, TX
Great transaction
I purchased an SR22 as a training tool for my kids and a practice tool to help train the wive's accuracy and tact skills. The customer service is bar none, I really like this teams attention to detail and knowledge. I would definitely look to buy from them again.
McKinney, TX



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